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Last year during the coldest days of our Portland, Oregon winter, our furnace died.  It was a total, no resuscitation, no nine lives kind of death.  We knew it was inevitable.  We had an energy audit done on our home a couple of years before by the Energy Trust (they provide free energy audits if you live in the Portland Metro area and are serviced by  certain energy providers) and were told the end was approaching. It didn’t help us feel any better when the guy doing our energy audit stated that the furnace was older than he was, by at least five years and almost half the age of our 1947 home.   But we were hopeful because furnaces are 1) expensive and 2) not the most showy/fun of expenses someone can make around the holidays. But then she died on a cold cold winter day leaving us freezing and frustrated.

I’ve mentioned before that I do marketing for Hardline Design and Construction and have been for the past year. Sarah Cox and Adam Lucas, owners of Hardline are very knowledgeable and  gave me a contact that they used for their construction jobs but at the time he was currently serving our country in the military (Thank You!). We needed to find another company and what I discovered was what I have written about so often in these posts.  It is important to do your research in the very beginning to find a company who will work the best for you and with you.

Keep in mind it was very cold in our house.  We had purchased space heaters and borrowed others to keep warm but we were determined to find the right company that would provide quality work with a product that would last. My husband gathered a list of questions for each of the SIX companies he interviewed.  Each came to our home and inspected the site.  And of course, for us the job wasn’t a quick and easy deal.  Our old furnace was installed over a gaping hole with a dirt floor underneath and another air return needed to be installed to help remedy the Sahara Desert we had on one side of the house.

We asked question, we read reports and we checked references – not only for the different companies we were asking to give us a bid but also for the different models of furnaces. We discovered we wanted a Carrier furnace because they rated well and they would be less expensive to operate in the long run because their filters were less expensive then the other furnace manufacture we were looking at.  In the end, we went with Climate Control because their bid was fair for the amount of work they would be doing and their bid was very detailed about where all the costs were coming from.  Their crew also kept our house very clean and they were very professional but also just plain nice to work with. Plus (and a major plus at that)  their referrals and also their ratings on the Energy Trust website were very good.

What have been my lessons learned?  It has been a year now with the best heat I think I have ever had in a house in my entire life.  But what I take away from the experience is the value of checking references and comparing apples to apples when you get a bid from a contractor.  Other bids we received looked great because the dollar amount was a little smaller but what they were providing was not the same.  If you don’t know what something means, ASK and don’t be afraid to ask until you understand.  What made me even more happy was when the city inspector came for the inspection our furnace installation passed the first time.  The city inspector said that doesn’t always happen with furnace installations and that the company did a great job.

For the first six months or so after our furnace purchase my husband would take any guest to our home into the garage to see the furnace. I admit this is kind of nerdy (sorry) but it is a really great furnace and it is great to be warm.