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Housing Remodels & Additions

With 32 years of experience remodeling homes in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, Hardline is at the head of its class. From full home design and construction, to kitchen and bath remodeling, we guarantee quality and commitment from our family to yours.

Remodels & Additions Portfolio

  • Astoria House

    Astoria House

    Beautiful, 100 year old craftsman home in Astoria that was in dire need of some love. This house had been mostly untouched since being built. The house had its original wooden gutters, and despite being intact and functional, they were carefully removed and kept and replaced with better pitched metal gutters.

    While being in pretty great shape, the house foundation had settled in the back corner over its course, due to improper water drainage and causing a large amount of water to gather in the unfinished basement. To make matters worse, the floor drain in the basement had been root bound, so the water could not adequately evacuate further affecting the foundation. To remedy these issues, we jacked up the back corner of the house, and repaired the foundation, which was the first order of business. We then dealt with its core issue, which was the water drainage, implementing French drains, and having the gutters drain further from the house.

    Once we completed the foundation, the house was prepped and painted, reflecting the blues of the surrounding coast.

    This house also featured an open back deck that was not in good condition. To make this a more inviting spot to sit and view the ocean, we enclosed the porch, with many tall windows for ample viewing, and finished with a fir floor saved from another old home.
  • Dunn Addition

    Dunn Addition

    This was quite a large addition done for a family that simply needed to expand its kitchen and dining areas, as well as having better entry inside the house on the side.

    New foundation for expanded area, with post and beam floor package was the base for the addition. 2x12 rafters, and structural Glulam beam made for a very strong ridge and roof. Once framing was complete and the expanded area weathered in, we began bringing down the wall that was going to really incorporate the existing with new.

    The siding was Hardi sheet and bat, with tight rafters, and a two foot eve on the back. All forest trim, and Milgard windows and door.
  • Enders Addition

    Enders Addition

    We were approached in 2020 by a family that wanted to make more of their home in West Linn. They had a garage that couldn't house their vehicles, and not enough storage for their expanding family.

    We razed the existing garage, and got to work excavating and laying the ground work for the expansion. Adding a bathroom and two bedrooms greatly increased not only their living space, but also greatly improved the value of their initial investment into the home!

    In design, the clients decided they wanted to be able to access the entirety of the new space without having to go outside. We made this a reality by joining the building to their existing house, via a small enclosed breezeway to the garage below, and a short hallway on the second story allowing free movement between the two.

    This turned out perfect and we were happy to expand this families space.
  • Gilbert Dormer Addition

    Gilbert Dormer Addition

    ADUs are one of our specialties, and this is one that was being done in tandem with another that was just down the street! While this did pose some challenge, we made easy work of it.

    This one was a full shed dormer on the backside of the house. The existing situation was not ideal, has the upstairs only contained two very slender rooms, with loads of unused desirable space.

    The result was a full shed dormer, adding in a full bathroom with walk in custom tiled shower and three bedrooms! One of the bedrooms runs the entire entire length of the addition, making for a massive master bedroom with a large closet.
  • Johnson Remodel

    Johnson Remodel

    Doing a full home renovation in tandem with a kitchen remodel greatly improved the previous out of date design. Brand new cabinets with bold color, and striking red subway pattern tile with gray grout. A spirits area was also added, including wine fridge and open storage for glasses and the like. New LVP throughout the entire house, replacing the old thick carpeting. While renovating the living room, the patio slider was replaced with a half-light French door.

    Both the master and guest bathroom were improved with new cabinets, tops and backsplash, and new plumbing fixtures throughout.
  • Peters Addition

    Peters Addition

    This build was on the west side of town, adding on a large section to the back side of the house, as well as extending two existing bedrooms with the larger addition. This space was to be used as a peaceful room for the clients yoga, and meditation.

    Post and beam floor package, with car decking was used as the base for the addition. Large Milgard windows gave the new space plenty of natural lighting, and finished out with durable Hardi plank siding. The landscaping on this project was very 'zen', and featured a dark stained wood deck attached to the building, with a door leading out to the Japanese style garden in the back.

    The interior was finished with a beautiful blue limestone large format tile. The tile was set on a heated floor matrix with thermostat, so the temperature could be dialed just right to keep the limestone floor warm to the touch. An electric fireplace was framed, and finished with tiled paneling that mimicked the look of old weathered castle stone. This was set on the center of the back wall, making it a perfect center piece. The ceiling was finished with T&G clear coat pine.
  • Pitt Gable Dormer

    Pitt Gable Dormer

    Dormer additions are a great way to improve not only the useable space of your home, but also the value of your home. Doing an addition like this is always a good investment at the end of the day.

    This was the second dormer addition we were doing in tandem with the Gilbert dormer that was just streets apart. The second story of this home was completely untouched from when it was originally built, and while it was technically a useable space, it was not really fit for a bedroom or living space. The staircase leading up was also in need of handrailing and barriers to prevent anyone from falling into the opening.

    When we began removing the section of roof where the dormer was to be constructed, the siding on the entire house was also removed and sheeted over the existing 3/4 lap sheeting. Once we provided the building with substantially more shear strength, the framing of the dormer began, adding an additional large bedroom and full bathroom.

    The floor through out was a pre-finished solid white oak floor, that acclimated on site for 2 weeks. Install was blind nailed with cleat flooring nails liberally nailed so a squeaky floor wouldn't be an issue. This flooring stoppped at the bathroom, where it met the tiled bathroom floor. The bathroom floor was a large format tile with brindled gray throught.

    The vanity was made from solid cherry wood, and finished with a stunning gray veined granite. The client picked out an elegant wall tile, that was used for the splash that transitioned into wainscoting as well as the walls in the shower which included an acrylic tub. The shower walls were beautifully booked matched, including into the in set soap niche.

    Being a house that is over 100 years old in north Portland, all of the existing trim was 1x6 that was also trimmed with back band. As such, all of the new trim on the second level was made to match keeping the house very period.

    When addressing the flooring, there was also the stair well to take into consideration. The oak flooring was finished out around the stair well with solid white oak nosing, that were mitered, glued, and nail both to each other, and to the sub surface. Once the well edge was finished, we installed black wrought iron railing that encompassed the well, which was fastened to beautiful oak newel posts that were bolted to the floor. Hand railing was also fixed to the walls allowing for safe exit and entry to the second level. Upon completion, the rails and posts were masterfully finished with poly.
  • Snethen Basement Remodel

    Snethen Basement Remodel

    Having an unfinished basement presents so much untapped potential. That's what we saw when we were approached by a couple in Portland. They also had a vision for making use of this fairly large basement. Initially it was what you would expect from an unfinished basement. A little laundry area, with a basin sink and floor drain. There was also a small shower that had painted plywood for walls and was in no condition to clean anyone.

    During the design phase, we were able to draw up a large bathroom, while retaining a sufficient space for the laundry and utility room. An office space was also made, as well as a generously large master bedroom. After framing was completed, we set to work on the concrete floor. We spent several days, meticulously grinding and sanding the floor to rid it of any grime or chunks from the floor. When that was done and it was completely cleaned with mopping, an acid was applied to the concrete to etch and stain. Multiple passed of this were done to achieve the desired look. The result was a beautiful worn leather appearance, that was complimented by the floors light cracks and anomaly's. A clear coat of the sealer was also applied 3 times to the floor.

    The new bathroom was a big winner on this job. Black six inch hex tiles were used for the floor in both the shower and the bathroom itself. SInce there was to be a height difference at the bathroom entrance from the flooring to the tile, we ripped and book matched a bit of a curb that finished out perfectly.

    The shower system used was a Hydroblok line drain, with Hydroblok walls and curb. The walls were a simple subway pattern white tile, with a piece of the quartz countertop as the soap niche base. The white bull nose were also ripped and made for a sleek looking mitered shower curb, which was finished with a glass panel to prevent water escaping. The necessary cleanout in the floor was also finished a nice, solid brass cap, that could be opened to access the cleanout below.

    In the master bedroom area, the brick fireplace was painted, and a stoic slate hearth was set. For the mantle, we procured a piece of live edge cedar from Colorado, that was then finished with a bit of clear coat.

    The office/study room featured sliding barn style doors, that sat on black iron railing, offering a look of sophistication.

    After completing a project like this, it is always a great feeling to know just how much this improved the quality of life and investment for our clients.
  • Upshaw Addition

    Upshaw Addition

    The existing home on this property was incredibly small, and also had a small unusable garage and a shed in the back. The amount of space gained from this addition was monumental.

    While we got to work on the foundation, and post and beam for the addition to the house, the client was still able to remain on the existing side. This was a two part project, where we were to finish the new side and have the client occupy that space, while we then transitioned to the existing side, to do a full renovation.

    After the base of the building was completed and all the walls framed, we landed trusses, and began sheeting the roof, tying everything together. In the design process, we eliminated the old tiny existing kitchen, and moved it to the new space, making for quite a large kitchen. The old kitchen was repurposed and finished as a guest bedroom.

    New painted cabinets, two different countertops, one espresso colored granite for island, and speckled granite for the main run. Standard subway splash run to the upper cabinets and Shluter edge. Large stainless steel undermount sink.

    The approach to the new addition was a thick layer of gravel, leading to the new attached garage, that transitioned to a poured pathway from the garage door to the new front door. The front door pad was equipped with an overhang supported by posts and framed with small trusses that attached to the main roof.
  • Upshaw Remodel

    Upshaw Remodel

    Continuation from the Upshaw addition, we began work on the existing side. We got rid of the old front door, making the old living room into a guest bedroom. The existing kitchen was eliminated and had also been made into a guest bedroom. All of the carpet was ripped up, and replaced with new LVP through out, including to the remodeled existing bathroom. The bathroom got new plumbing fixtures, vanity and top, and Neo acrylic corner shower with a tiled base. This project was a huge boost in property value and a massive addition to living space!