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About Hardline Design & Construction

Home, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Professionals

Home, kitchen and bathroom remodeling services are provided by Hardline Design and Construction – beginning in 1991 and becoming incorporated in 1998. With over 32 years of family construction experience, we specialize in home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. Our specialists in interior and structural design and project managers are in-house, ready for your construction, remodeling, or restoration project.

Our Team

Hardline is comprised of experienced designers and construction specialists who will work with you to transform any space into one that will best fit your needs. As design and construction plans develop, our experts use CAD (computer-aided design) to quickly change drawings and ensure you receive the most optimal results. Our team also work with a local engineering firm to satisfy structural requirements and guarantee you and your family are safe.

Our team also includes in-house carpenters and project managers knowledgeable in home, kitchen, and bathroom design or remodeling. Our carpenters are equipped to handle any job, large or small while our construction team is well-versed in safety, recycling, and cleanliness. We make sure HDC project management is involved in every project from start to finish to ensure correct, quality construction and design, no-conflict scheduling, and coordination of site management.

We also have an expert group of design and construction subcontractors who have partnered with us for years and maintain the highest standards of performance and reliability associated with HDC.

Our Vision

Our motto: “Life is short…”

We know that everyone wants their dream home but sometimes does not have the knowledge or experience to accomplish that vision. At Hardline, our goal is for clients to feel involved without the stress of doing the hard work. That is why we have dedicated our lives to perfecting our craft in home building, design, remodeling, and restoration throughout Oregon and Washington.

As always, we offer turn-key creations without compromising the quality of our construction and craftsmanship