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One of the best parts of my job is meeting the people who have had their home remodeled by Hardline Design and Construction.  Design and renovation/remodeling effects people.  It effects how people move around in their space and how they interact with that space.  Even simple changes can have profound impacts on every day tasks.

I had been in the Downey home before, when I went to photograph the “Before Work” photos.  I had even seen the design plans Sarah drew up and mentally knew what to expect.  I knew where the large sliding glass door would be moved, where walls would be removed and what changes would be made. Last week I went to the Downey home again to photograph the “After Construction” photos.  I was greeted at the door by Bridget, a very charming and gracious woman.  I stood in the doorway speaking with her for a moment when I stoped the conversation with a rather loud, “WOW!”  Nothing, and I mean Nothing prepared me for what I was about to see.

What I had remembered about the Downey kitchen was that it was a very small kitchen for two people who loved to cook.  I also remembered the living room was walled off from the rest of the house – but not anymore!

The new Downey-Street Kitchen!

Removing walls allow for an open flow that lets in more light.

The kitchen now has a great open concept that flows into the dining room and living room. Where there once were walls that were like a barricade, there is now space and light.

BEFORE: Behind the folding doors is the living room. Peek through the narrow doorway to find the kitchen.

The homeowners had found Hardline Design and Construction through Angie’s List and did their homework by checking references and getting bids.  I asked them what they enjoyed most about their new kitchen and the amount of space and ease of movement was a unanamous theme.

Bridget mentioned that it is worth talking with several people before settling with a contractor. They had originally found an architect that had worked on Street of Dream homes but found the combination of designer and builder made the process easier.  Bill said, “They bring the complete package and they (Sarah and Adam) understand the total picture.  The combination of the two of them made the process so much smoother.  They understood this wasn’t a Street of Dreams house and they heard me and ‘got it’.  We wanted a practical affordable kitchen and that is what we got.  Even if this was a Street of Dreams home we would still use them (Hardline Design and Construction).

Bridget’s advice for anyone venturying into a remodel project:  “Know what you want and figure out how to get  as close as you can to it with the money you have.”  And what had to be one of the nicest compliments I have heard, ” This isn’t a Street of Dreams house but if it was we would still work with Hardline Design and Construction.  “I can’t imagine just using a contractor or just a designer alone.  They are the complete package and excellent professionals.”

Thank you Bill and Bridget for allowing us into your home and trusting us with your dreams and ideas.  You were wonderful to work with and we are so honored to have had the chance to get to know you.  Enjoy cooking in your new kitchen and trying to use up all that new cabinet space!

Now for the tour:

AFTER: The new kitchen with the Aubergine Marmoleum floor. Alubergine is the French word for eggplant. This ended up being a wonderful shade of deep purple with darker tones of brown. The color is rich and warm especially with the wood cabinets.

BEFORE: Looking into the kitchen and the folding doors to the living room. Notice how small and confined the kitchen space is.

AFTER: Looking into the new kitchen space. The original island is now gone to make way for better flow and a better use of space. There is now an abundance of counter space for prep work.

AFTER: One thing the homeowners found was a narrower yet taller refrigerator would have all the space they needed for food and save on much needed floor space.

BEFORE: A small footprint meant very little room to move around. The kitchen really had room for no more than one person in the kitchen.

AFTER: Now open and bright thanks to a new sky light above.

BEFORE: Looking into the dining room. Much of the usable space is located on this half of the room but really is needed in the kitchen.

AFTER: View from the kitchen into the dining room. Now a long island fits into the room and there is still plenty of space to move around.

Floor to ceiling cabinets are a new addition of much needed storage.