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Having a small room, small studio or small house doesn't mean you need to feel confined. Tiny spaces can be a challenge but keeping in mind a few simple rules will make your small space into a cozy castle. Small Spaces Work: Furnishing and Designing for Maximum Livability by Hardline Design and Construction

Top 10 must know room measurements by House Beautiful and added measurements to know by Hardline Design and Construction in SE Portland, Oregon.

Designing a laundry room to allow for aging in place and increased mobility.

This morning there was a cool crispness in the air we Pacific Northwesterners haven’t felt for awhile. What is nice is as temperatures drop a bit, we usually have perfect weather for completing home projects. Below, I have listed some house projects that can still be accomplished before we move deep into Fall. And remember, Hardline Design and Construction can be there to help.

Color Theory

We are all influenced by color.  When I was little I wouldn’t wear yellow because I though it made me …

Aging in Place

I have a neighbor who we call Mrs. Phyllis.  Mrs. Phyllis is my inspiration for how I want to be …

Old Portland Hardware and Architectural is an architectural salvage company in the heart of Portland, Oregon. There is a lot of talk about being sustainable. By incorporating architectural salvage into any design plan you are able to have a look that is unique to you, using pieces that are often made with better quality and take care of the Earth by not incorporating a lot of new, disposable materials. If you should need assistance installing your new/old salvaged item, Hardline Design and Construction can help. We have experience designing with and installing architectural salvaged items.

Mid Century Modern Homes in Portland Oregon and South West Washington. Resources for Mid Century Modern Home Owners. Hardline Design and Construction is sensitive to home owners wanting to renovate an older home to keep it's original character.

Hardline Design and Construction BEFORE and AFTER pictures of Thompson Kitchen, ADA Sympathetic, Remodel. Hardline Design and Construction is bonded and licensed in Oregon and Washington and has been helping people love their homes for the past 20 years.

For the past few weeks, we at Hardline Design and Construction have been continuing our work with Core-Mark International Inc. …