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The before pictures of a 1968 retro vintage kitchen remodel.

We asked question, we read reports and we checked references - not only for the different companies we were asking to give us a bid but also for the different models of furnaces. We discovered we wanted a Carrier furnace because they rated well and they would be less expensive to operate in the long run because their filters were less expensive then the other furnace manufacture we were looking at. In the end, we went with Climate Control because their bid was fair for the amount of work they would be doing and their bid was very detailed about where all the costs were coming from. Their crew also kept our house very clean and they were very professional but also just plain nice to work with. Plus (and a major plus at that) their referrals and also their ratings on the Energy Trust website were very good.

Homemade and inexpensive holiday ideas gathered by Hardline Design and Construction.

Hardline Design and Construction: Bryan and Susan's Porch Addition. Porch addition to a vintage 1940s home that never had a porch. Creating a front porch that looks original to the home.

As the writer and photographer for Hardline Design and Construction I come with my own set of skills.  I love …

Hardline Design and Construction can help you with your kitchen renovation or restoration. If you are looking for ways to liven up your kitchen but don't want to do an entire remodel, there are select projects you can choose that will have a big impact. Choosing to redo your kitchen backsplash or kitchen flooring will make a big impact.

Create a Custom Look From Old and Tired Furniture: Reverse Stencil Project, Hardline Design and Construction in Portland and Mt. Hood, Oregon

Hardline Design and Construction can help with room staging, design and construction. Mill End Fabric Store in Portland and Beaverton, Oregon offers a huge selection of fabrics for home sewing projects and designers.

In a recent Angie's List magazine, there was an article about projects that give the highest return on their investment. With the economy as it is, many people are choosing to renovate their current homes instead of moving. Or, people are finally able to afford a new home but need to pick updates for their home wisely. Which ever the situation, renovating or remodeling your home with the best return for your money is always smart no matter what the economy chooses to do. Hardline Design and Construction have been members of Angie's List for many years. We work with our clients to not only have a beautiful and well completed product but to maxamize the client's budget. We have an A-listing so if you or someone you know has a project coming up, please give us a call.

How to choose a contractor that will be honest and do the job right.