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Kitchen Remodeling

“The whole project went great from start to finish. Adam transformed a small kitchen into the kitchen we always wanted – same footprint but so much better.”

Is it time to consider a kitchen remodel?

Today’s kitchen is the heart of the home and the hub around which family life revolves. No longer simply a place to prepare food, your kitchen is a gathering place, a space that invites company and friends to linger, sharing food, laughter, and memories.

If your kitchen isn’t inviting, functional, and beautiful, it’s likely that you and your family are not spending quality time in it! Hardline Design and Construction has worked with hundreds of customers in the Portland Metro area since 1991, offering kitchen design and remodeling services to solve kitchen dilemmas just like yours. We offer free and complete estimates before work begins. No hidden costs and no surprises!

We make kitchen remodeling easy, using CAD design to produce accurate drawings that allow our customers to visualize their new kitchen design and make any necessary changes easily. A Hardline Design and Construction experienced designer and construction specialist can work with you to transform any space into one that will best fit your needs. As design and construction plans develop, Hardline Design and Construction CAD design can quickly change drawings to ensure the most optimal results.

When working with our designers on your kitchen remodel, here are some space planning areas you will want to consider:

  • Kitchen workflow and layout
  • Counter surface height to relieve back stress
  • Easy to reach & open cabinets with ample storage space
  • Easy to clean, non-slip flooring
  • Appropriate lighting for your needs
  • Your style and decor
Your kitchen is a central family space. We aspire to bring your family together in comfort. At Hardline Design we seek to understand your needs and wishes.
Call and talk to us today! We would love to talk about your project!