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A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of driving up to a small town in Washington to visit the home of a Hardline Design and Construction client and to photograph the ADA sympathetic kitchen and bathroom remodel we had done for her.  Situated among rolling pasture land was one of the most beautiful kitchen views one could hope to have while standing at a sink heaping with dishes.  Hardline Design and Construction made that kitchen remodel a reality. Mrs. Thompson said what pleased her about working with Hardline Design and Construction is, “They are willing to work with what you’ve got and within your budget.  Not everything needs to be ripped out and thrown away and they understand that.”  We all love before and after photos.  Take a look to see what this kitchen remodel has become and come back next week for our before and after ADA sympathetic bathroom remodel.

Hardline Design and Construction "Before" Picture of the Thompson ADA Sympathetic Kitchen Remodel

When Mrs. Thompson spoke about how Hardline Design and Construction understood that not everything had to be thrown away, this is what she meant. The existing kitchen cabinets were retained.

The home was built in 1989 and had alder with cherry stain.  The kitchen originally had Formica counters.

Hardline Design and Construction BEFORE picture of Thompson Kitchen ADA Sympathetic Remodel

The original linoleum flooring was removed and a cost effective, yet more modern flooring was installed.

Hardline Design and Construction Thompson Cost Effective Kitchen Remodel

Welcome to the new kitchen!

Notice the counter tops. Granite slabs were too costly so Hardline Design and Construction used 12″ x 12″ granite tiles. The tiles along the edge of the counters were bull nosed to give a more finished look. Adam’s fine tile job is nearly seamless and gives a great effect with less cost.

Hardline Design and Construction ADA Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen island and a few of the cabinetry pieces are in black to help ground the large kitchen space.

Hardline Design and Construction Kitchen Remodel with existing cabinets and new counter surfaces.

A revamped space that has lots of room for wheelchair accessibility. It also is a great space for family and friends to gather.

Hardline Design and Construction ADA sympathetic kitchen remodel

Notice that crown moldings were added along with pendent lights and though not easily visible, new hardware. Also notice the cabinet that was added above the middle of the right side counter. It looks like a built-in that has always been there.