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Lighting is often one of the last choices made when designing a room.  Maybe that is because we all know what to expect, a screwed-in glass bulb is going to give us something bright to see by.  For many, that is enough.  As long as the paper can be read and tasks done – that glass bulb’s task is complete.

When designing a room to be more than just a place to go to read the paper or get homework done, it is important to think of light not only as a byproduct but as function for all the ways we live our lives and the form that function comes in can transcend an ordinary place to a showcase home.

As you are planning how to use the space in a room, also consider your lighting choices at the same time because lighting relates to how each space will be used.  Think beyond lighting your way in a dark room, think about creating mood and atmosphere, showcase a collection you may have and highlight important areas in a room.  If you need help with knowing where to place your light sources, an interior designer with training in lighting spaces may be worth contacting. Contact Hardline Design and Construction’s design services if you need assistance with planning your room or home’s lighting needs.

Lighting comes in three categories.  Make your selection based on what the needs are for your specified room or section of a room.

1)  General Lighting:  Usually an overall light that comes from a ceiling fixture.

2)  Task Lighting:  A light that doesn’t light the entire room but an area for specific tasks to be performed.  This can be anything from tasks lights in a kitchen for food prep or a reading lamp by a side chair.

3)  Accent Lighting:  These lights are usually a softer, lower wattage light that illuminates a specific element in a room.

The American Lighting Association has a very well organized website about lighting your home. They break down lighting for each room and they types of lighting that will be needed for that room.  It is a tremendous resource that dissects lighting into all elements.


Looking for local sources of lighting?  Portland, Oregon has a wealth of local shops that make their products here or are small local business that can help you get the parts you need.

1)  School House Electric: