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I will confess.  I was a little miffed when I got an email the day after Halloween on the beginning of the once-a-day holiday cookie recipes.  I love cookies but when I wasn’t even down from my Halloween candy sugar high, I saw this as an offence on beginning the Christmas cookie season.

That said,  the busiest cooking day of the year is just a few weeks away. I do know that people will be coming over to our house.  I do know that the time it takes to spruce things up takes more than making a batch of choco-peanut butter chip cookies. And I do know that if we will be needing help with some of the tasks, now is the time to make that call.

That is where Hardline Design and Construction comes in. If you are looking for ways to liven up your kitchen but don’t want to do an entire remodel, there are select projects you can choose that will have a big impact.   Adam Lucas is a master at tile installation and can quickly turn an outdated backsplash into a work of art.  He has even created one-of-a-kind tile installations, backspashes with a variety of period looks and contemporary/modern kitchens.  A backsplash is a simple way to add color or the sophistacation of clean lines to a kitchen without having to do an entire renovation or remodel.

Hardline Design and Construction in Portland, Oregon also does custom tile work for any room in the home. Custom kitchen tile, custom bathroom tile installation

The organic shape of this tile pattern came from a homeowner’s photo. Adam Lucas reinterpreted that design in stone and glass tile for the homeowner’s master bathroom.

Hardline Design and Construction also do custom tile installation for all rooms of the house including kitchen tile installation and bathroom tile installation.  Hardline Design and Construction is located in SE Portland, Oregon and serves Portland, Beaverton, Mt. Hood, SE, NE and SW Portland, Oregon

The Jensen Kitchen: This vintage home kept period details while the use of white and darks adds an updated feel without losing those vintage qualities. Adam created the backsplash behind the stove to add visual interest to the room.

Kitchen flooring repair or installation is another way to make a huge impact.  Your floor surface is the largest surface you have in the kitchen -something we tend to forget because it is underfoot. Flooring impacts the sound quality of a room, the amount of reflected light, the amount of time it take to clean and even your comfort level.    There is vast range of flooring materials to choose from that can fit in almost any budget.  Vinyl is the least expensive but also has the ability to come in a lot of fun patterns and colors. Linoleum, marmoleum, rubber, ceramic, bamboo, wood and stone are all options to choose from.  Shop around and you may score some great deals.  Pratt and Larson, one of the best quality tile companies around is located in Portland, Oregon on the East side. They also have a seconds departments, however, not all the items in there are seconds and sometimes you find great prices on overstock materials.  I was able to find a modern looking, commercial grade, porcelain tile for a quarter of the normal price.  Having someone like Hardline Design and Construction install your flooring score will turn your bargain into show stopper.

Hardline Design and Construction specializes in home restoration and renovation.  We also do custom tile installation for the Kitchen and Bathroom.  Hardline Design and Construction is located in Portland, Oregon and serves Portland, Beaverton, Milwaukie, Mt Hood, SE Portland, NE Portland, SW Portland and Washington.

Remodeled kitchen with stone flooring.

These are just two ways you can make your kitchen sparkle for the holidays.  Keep in mind that though a project may be small the impact can be mighty.

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