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Making the right choices for your kitchen renovation or restoration

Choose the right team of designer and contractor and they will see to it your dream home becomes a reality. Image from the Apartment Therapy article: Best Decisions and Biggest Regrets.

As the writer and photographer for Hardline Design and Construction I come with my own set of skills.  I love interviewing clients who have begun and or completed their renovation projects.  I love sharing their photos with you and telling you their stories.

I have always been a big Do-It-Yourselfer.  I grew up in a family with 7 generations of girls – no boys except those that married in – and because of this we learned to do a lot of things on our own. I have tackled a number of home improvement projects because I thought I could.  Does that mean everything I have ever done ends up looking like the pages of magazines I so admired and so wanted to emulate? Hell No!  And I say it like that because that is how I felt after some of my projects were completed. Especially after I painted my kitchen Mango Orange.  Not only was it such a very wrong color choice but the walls couldn’t dry fast enough for me to paint over them -and that is with every fan I owned going at high speed.

That was before I worked for Hardline Design and Construction.  Since those dark days  I have learned how the right team of people do save you money and frustration because you will be completing a job the right way the first time.  I tell you this because I have been in the same situation as many of you:  torn between if you think you are up for a challenge and wondering if contractors and designers are cost effective.

The right designer will select, arrange and navagate  all the fixtures and materials in a way that will flow with your family. The right contractor will build, install, paint and plumb those materials so the function right and will last. The best contractors also make sure permits are in order and will do your construction to code to keep your family safe.

This article by Apartment Therapy is a very well thought-out review of someone’s kitchen remodel. The writer is candid about what she loved about her remodel and what she wished she had done differently.  Though this speaks specifically towards kitchen remodels, the information here applies to any remodel a homeowner may consider taking on.  An underlying theme in this blog: hiring professional and reliable contractors and designers do end up saving you money and headache. Read and learn a few tips from someone else’s experience.  Reading this article is a wise choice before heading into your own remodel or renovation.


Also take a moment to read the VERY EXTENSIVE list of comments.  They add as much insight and wisdom as the article.