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Moving into a new home can be exhilarating, especially your first home.  There are dreams of a garden full of organic produce, green lawns, gleaming floors and streams of light coming through windows.  But often, especially if it is your first home, those dreams come with their fair share of work.

Chris and Katherine recently moved into their North East Portland home – a classic 1916 Portland Arts and Crafts with original built-ins on a tree lined street.  It is the type of home you can imagine generations gathered around a dining room table or busily preparing food in the kitchen. I love these homes.  The moment you walk in the door there is a sense of place that is just right.

However, Chris and Katherine’s kitchen and small half-bath belong to someone else’s dream.  A dream stuck in 1980’s big hair with a foot in Disco. I think I had a shirt almost identical to the blue and green striped bathroom walls in 3rd grade.  And Katherine and I weren’t sure if the kitchen was painted a nacho cheese or blue box macaroni and cheese yellow.

Jones Kitchen Remodel by Hardline Design and Construction Before Remodel Picture

Before Remodel Picture and view of the kitchen with window facing the backyard. There is plenty of natural light that comes into the kitchen.

Jones Kitchen Remodel by Hardline Design and Construction - Before Picture

Before picture for Chris and Katherine's Kitchen Remodel. Original cabinets with nacho cheese yellow walls

I asked Chris and Katherine what are their plans for this space and immediately Katherine said, “I want to get rid of the yellow orange color and the flooring!” With Chris adding, “We want a usable space that people can come over and feel at home.”

Chris and Katherine contacted Hardline Design and Construction to do their kitchen, bath and small mudroom remodel after they had seen the work Hardline Design and Construction had done for Katherine’s brother.  Sarah Cox, Designer of Hardline added later, “We did a full basement and new garage for them, they were wonderful to work with.”

Adam Lucas of Hardline Design and Construction said “What Chris and Katherine want for this job is to keep their period details yet make the space more usable and to incorporate seating. To accomplish this a wall is being removed where a flue once was and that will give way to much needed space.”  Also original cabinets are being kept where possible and any new cabinets are being chosen to fit in.  Chris and Katherine also want to include recycled and reclaimed items when possible.  They are having a kitchen island built with a butcher block top that is being made from fallen Portland walnut and maple trees.

Please check back with us to watch this project grow.  We are expecting this remodel to take 4 to 5 weeks and we will be posting more pictures as this kitchen, mudroom and bathroom develop.

Jones Kitchen Remodel by Hardline Design and Construction Dining Room Entry

Before Picture of the kitchen south west corner with one door that leads to the mudroom and small half bath and an entry into the dining room. Notice the kitchen floor. It will soon be a thing of the past.

Hardline Design and Construction Jones Kitchen Remodel

Before picture - Entry into the living room with a small storage cabinet to the right.

Before Picture Jones Mudroom Remodel by Hardline Design and Construction

Before Picture of the mudroom.

Before Remodel Picture of the Jones half bathroom by Hardline Design and Construction

Always the best for last. This is the Before picture of the small, half bathroom that will be remodeled by Hardline Design and Construction. The wall is even autographed by the artist.

Hardline Design and Construction BEFORE picture of small half bath in a Portland Oregon Arts and Crafts Home

Before remodel picture of the half bathroom's custom cabinets.